Find Companies
That Need Office Space
Before the Competition

Your Rocket Fuel helps leading Real Estate companies find which companies will be setting up offices in a city or moving to a new location through data-driven algorithms.

Accelerate Your Sales
Through Unique Insights

Research shows that only 14.9% of companies are moving offices because their lease is expiring (Priceonomics, 2018). The remaining 85.1% move because of Growth, New Requirements or Change.

Still the industry looks to expiring leases to find leads.

Your Rocket Fuel’s first-of-a-kind platform focuses on forward looking data, analysing 500.000+ data points to reveal unique opportunities in your city. From fast growing scale-ups expanding overseas or corporates requiring additional space.

Rocket Liftoff


Your Platform for Sales Success

Your Rocket Fuel has completely redefined how location-dependent companies do sales:

  • Complete picture

    Our predictive analysis finds companies in your city that require additional office space before it’s announced in the news.

  • Be The First

    Receive important updates and save hours of research time with real-time alerts on important market changes.

  • Get in Contact

    Find out who is responsible for real estate at a company plus the best way to contact them.

  • Data-Driven

    Our proprietary algorithms serve as the platform foundation, finding unique and actionable insights.

We Help Grow Your Revenues

Our platform has been developed with the help of top-tier data experts.

Saved per Sales Employee
Per Year
2 months
Companies analysed


Where we at?

We have launched in several cities and are adding more as fast as possible! Don't see your city? Let us know where you're located.

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Sure you could try and gather the intel yourself...

Maybe you start by Googling companies in your area, or checking LinkedIn to see if you can find any businesses that you haven’t heard of. Perhaps checking expiring leases to see if anything is coming up. Or visiting network drinks to try to get the business card of the person in charge of real estate. Reading the daily news to find companies who might be coming to your city. And then entering all this information into a CRM, while also communicating it to your team so they’re aware as well.

Oh, and don’t forget to keep all this data up to date by repeating this process every single week, forever, because you never know when the next Netflix or Uber will expand to your city.

And then doing this for every city you’re located in.

Or you start working with Your Rocket Fuel and start closing deals today.


Request a demo and we'll show you how Your Rocket Fuel can increase your revenue!

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