We are using the power of data to transform the real estate industry.

Our story began in Amsterdam back in 2015. A well-known cab company, a whole lot of office moves, and one bright idea. Read on to discover more about our story so far and meet the people behind the platform.

Born from many frustrations and one big idea

Back in 2015, our founder, David Kijlstra - who was working in real estate at the time - saw Uber outgrow three offices in Amsterdam in a matter of months. He quickly realised just how valuable these fast-growing scale-ups could become.

Frustrated by the fact that real estate companies would traditionally focus on expiring office leases to find their next big leads, David set about creating a platform that would forecast when and where these fast-growing companies would move next.

And then the Rocket Fuel journey began.

Making a revolutionary platform a reality

After months of interviewing potential customers and researching alternative solutions, David teamed up with Aryeh Raber, a passionate full-stack developer, to start building the first version of the revolutionary Rocket Fuel platform.

The outcome? An entirely new data-first platform that continuously analyses hundreds of thousands of data points to uncover companies that are setting up an office or outgrowing their current space. Not only would real estate companies now have the right leads, they would know about them before they hit the news and, most importantly, before their competitors.

We're going places

We launched in Amsterdam in 2021 and went live in Copenhagen and London shortly after. We've now got our sights set on several more cities across the globe.

Meet the team

We're still a small team, but we're doing big things. Connect with us today and get to know the people behind the platform.

  • David Kijlstra

    CEO & Co-Founder

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Aryeh Raber

    CTO & Co-Founder

    Malmö, Sweden

  • Peiying Zhu

    Peiying Zhu

    Data Analyst

    Shanghai, China

  • Dom Barnaby

    Data Analyst

    London, England

  • Csongor Olah

    Data Analyst

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Michael Levie

    Advisor, Co-founder citizenM

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Monique Hoeben

    Advisor, former Ireckonu

    Amsterdam, Netherlands


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